Medical Discovery

Exceptional Product Features

A Unique Product DR. mist fluid spray does not contain any fragrance, artificial colorings, cream, oil or alcohol. It embraces an environmental-friendly and hygienic concept process, unlike conventional products contains, such as:
Oil or cream that will clog pores, stains clothes and provide underarm discomfort
Fragrance-talc to soak up perspiration, causing the factor of contamination on body and clothes.
Alcohol to quick-dry perspiration and kill germs, that will caused underarm skin toneto become darken and un-presentable.
Fragrance to cover unpleasant odor, but is non lasting or may even trigger irritation or other effects.
Note: The accumulated darkening of pigmentation of the armpit area is due to the long term usage of the above.

List of DR. mist fluid spray features:

Medical Discovery

DR. Mist Floatation Fluid Spray Serves As The World’s Most Advance Spray In Healing Skin Disease And Cut Wound, Apart From Enhancing Underarm Hygiene Care, Which Is Indeed A New Technique Of Disinfectant Germicide Floatation Fluid.

Treatment Concept

Apply DR. Mist Floatation Fluid’s function to flush out Toxins and Germs from the pores, which is trapped in the epidermis layer of skin and cut wound.

Utilize the fast drying theory to dries water proportion and forming a powdery residue left on the wound. This will protect the wound from further infections, and prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for germs.


The above treatment concept is to activate the prevention of germs growth on wounds and there will not be any skin discoloration accompanying the accelerated healing process.

Able to heal skin diseases, swelling and itches caused by insect or mosquito bites, rashes, bacterial, athlete foot, fungus and toxin infection etc.

(Note: Scratch the itches area to open up pores and spray on DR. mist floatation fluid. spray thereby allowing DR. mist Floatation fluid to penetrate more efficiently to swiftly flush out the germs and toxins from the pores present in the epidermis layer of skin, thereby effectively killing germs and accelerate in reducing swelling and itches.)

Exceptional: Convenient Application, Relieve of Hassle

Simple application method - Spray DR.mist floatation fluid directly onto the wound or diseases infection area three to four times daily and be relieved the hassle of wound cleansing and dressing treatment.

(Note: Save the unnecessary work force and troublesome for the clinic and hospital worldwide.) With an accelerated healing process, wounds will not develop any pus or inflammation, thus reducing unnecessary sufferings.