Body Hygiene and Health Care Floatation Fluid Spray

  • A radical change towards body care, by eliminating the traditional misconception that human underarm's sweaty odour is immensely difficult to get rid of.
  • The first and only in the world that educates people to enhancing underarm hygiene care.
  • DR. Mist Floatation fluid that produces a powerful disinfecting germicide yet is harmless to the cell of skin, which is indeed an innovative invention and a tremendous contribution to mankind at the medical & beauty fraternity.

Research Background

For centuries, mankind has neglected personal underarm hygiene care.
The million-dollar question is:

“How can we accept the unpleasantness of body odour, and allow it to degrade the quality of our life?”


As we enter the new millennium, mankind has a greater awareness of the need for greater personal care. Correspondingly, the amount of personal care products available in the market for application from our head to toes is literally countless, coming in all forms, shapes and sizes.

Unfortunately, one of the most glaringly deficient product is an effective underarm cleanliness and hygiene product.

Why are the underarm cleanliness and hygiene products not been used extensively as the common soap and toothpaste?

The main reason is that the defects of using conventional deodorants are:

  • Not effective in meeting our daily requirements.
  • Inconvenient and impractical application methods.
  • Product-caused underarm discomfort.
  • Potentially harmful to body and stains clothing.
  • Concept of deodorizing can inflict upon one’s self-esteem.

Consequent to the beside reasons, conventional deodorants are not capable of becoming “essential” daily personal care product. This has also further contributed to our status quo, where even as mankind had made leaps and bounds in the technological and medical frontiers, we are still trapped in the mind set that having body odour is inevitably part of being humans.

With the invention of DR. mist floatation fluid, the erroneous mindset that has existed for thousands of years and is now due for a major overhaul!